Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

independence (from oppressive clothing organization)

happy independence day!

keep in mind that it's not just about flag-waving and fireworks. it's about the year 1776, when a bunch of philosophical doers decided to stick up a huge collective middle finger to the powers of their time. that's what brings a tear to my eye, folks. not the marchy anthems.

i'm going to spend the day cleaning the apartment. i already went through some bathroom drawers and threw out all the stuff i bought about the time we moved in.

i also sorted the laundry. here's the deal with our laundry... it'll sound really piggy, but I swear, it works.

we do laundry at the laundromat, which means that we only go about once a month, and do something like nine bags of it. seriously, it's insane. it's so insane that we've given up trying to put it away when we get home... we just vacuum the floor (good opportunity then, since there's nothing on it) and throw all the clothes there. this is known as the "floordrobe".

about mid-month, it's time for floordrobe inversion. this is when the dirty clothes section, mostly in the closet, is getting a little big for its space. at the same time, the clean clothes are getting smaller, and putting them up isn't such a horrible task. so the clean clothes get put away and the floor becomes the place for dirty clothes again.

this is mostly my system. marc is not so clean... i think if it was up to him, we'd just have two big kiddie pools for clothes and nothing would ever be put away.

anyway it's floordrobe inversion day so the upstairs is going to be very nice and clean in a little bit. i'm pretty excited.

also, happy birthday humaazul!
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