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i have decided to eat healthy and exercise. i've been tracking my food all week on daily plate and it's going okay... if I could drink less, that'd be good. I mean, i can't believe I consumed 600 calories of alcohol last night. That's a little above average, sure, but I do drink almost every night (I've found out, now that I track).

Part of the reason I have this new resolution is to help my husband out. since getting married, we've collectively put on like 60 pounds. I've never really gained weight before and it's freaking me out. also, the doctor said some not-so-encouraging things about the man's health, and I feel like I'm partially to blame because I love going out to eat and making cheesy foods.

people are annoying about weight loss! I mean, if we talk about saving money, everyone's pretty cool and honest and advice-giving about it. there are lots of logical ways to make yourself save... budgeting, direct deposit changes, the cash method, etc. when it comes to weight loss everyone's just like, "get off your ass and stop eating shit." um, thanks, I can do basic consume-burn calorie storage math. human brain discipline is the challenge. I have a bad habit of going on these little fitness kicks once a year or so, and it always fizzles out.

there's a health club about 3/4 mile from where I live, so I think I'll join that. I'm going to buy a new yoga DVD tomorrow. I made a spreadsheet that says what I'd like to weigh every week if I lose 1 lb a week.

I know I'm not fat, but I also know that I just don't feel great. I've got that nasty out of shape feeling and the extra 10-15 lbs confirm it for me. i'll feel better if I'm active and eating less. I'll sleep better. have better posture. it all goes together.
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