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in high school I had a friend whose dad was a podiatrist. i asked her what that was all about... what could go wrong with feet? she said it was mostly old people who were no longer able to cut their toenails.

so ever since then, when i cut my toenails, i contemplate my own death.

I think about how soft and easy they are to cut, and how awful it must be to get old. it sounds insane and random but it's what I do.

but it's not just that. a good friend of mine is moving away from wichita, out to california. another good excuse to visit cali, sure, but these people who are so interesting always going in and out of my life has a way of bumming me.

i want to run linux on my laptop. there's only one application I care about in OS X: iTunes. I've bought LOTS of music since I got this thing. so I either figure out how to back it up (urgh) or just lose it. I honestly don't listen to all of it, all the time. so then I think the music should be like my friend... in my life for a while, maybe i'll visit someday, but then gone. I'm sick of backing up mp3s and CDs before I sell them back. you can't keep it all.

I made some darn good baked macaroni tonight. it's full of cheese, which is full of fat, which is going to clog my arteries and kill me someday. see how frustrating all this is?

okay, well, the alcohol is setting in now, got to finish this entry before I stop making sense.
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