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yesterday... I woke up before 9 feeling like I'd slept HARD, so that was weird. worked a bit at online things, then decided to drag myself off the couch to go to the farm market. I bought some frozen enchilladas and locally raised ground beef but really wasn't feeling the whole atmosphere, I was tired and sort of cranky and just not in the mood for all the freaking hippies out there.

Went to the recycling center which was a little better, then the Food For Thought where I randomly decided to make some responsible organic lasagna with the beef I'd bought earlier. In case you were wondering, organic ricotta is like $7. So I won't be doing this every time. But the other ingredients... lasagna noodles, mozzerella, lettuce for a salad, a jar of sauce, were available and not twice the $ that I'd normally spend.

In the afternoon humaazul came over with a friend of hers and a girl from the big brothers big sisters program. Actually they were all outside and I came to see them, since humaazul was puppy-sitting this weekend for a really adorable little puppy. But we decided to go inside and do arts and crafts things, because I mentioned that I had tons of crafty stuff that I didn't really want to have around. It was great... I filled up a bag for the girl with stickers, glitter, crayons, sequins, all this other stuff I'd been worried about offloading, and then we spent the time glueing and sticking to our hearts content. I found origami paper, we did origami. Humaazul and her friend went through my scrap fabric, too, and claimed some pieces I'd been keeping around for God knows what reason.

They all left around 4 and I made some lasagna and it was really tasty. I'd say the beef was the highlight, I definitely noticed a difference there. We watched Battlestar Galactica.

In the evening I went to a neighbors for a wine tasting party. My neighbor is being deployed in a bit, and trying to move less stuff, and had all this wine from places the military had put her around the world... I've never seen a better opportunity to support our troops. I got to try ten kinds of wine, and we all had papers with things to circle about the appearance, scent, taste. Marc learned that he could spend 5 minutes obsessing about a glass of wine before even tasting it. I learned what legs are. And at the end of the night, I came home feeling very mellow with a corked half-finished bottle of italian cabernet franc.

I was telling someone that I'd had this romantic idea of what life would be after grad school... the apartment would be clean, we'd cook a meal each night, I'd get all my reading done. Not so much. But life is definitely easier. Between grad school and that wedding that soaked up all my time last summer, I've had an endless to-do list for the last 18 months. Not so much now. But instead of having a clean apartment I can just let the days take me, which I was definitely okay with yesterday.
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