Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

home from camping

I am home safe and sound from camping... we were out by cherryvale all weekend and it was lovely. rainy and stormy, but lovely. the group had a good setup, we had a pop-up gazebo sort of thing that we put over the picnic table at our campsite, and a humongous tent that all eight of us fit into. the man and I didn't even set up our tent, AND we had an air mattress we were sleeping on, and it only took up our legally allotted 1/4 of the space. dude.

so anyway, when it was raining we played card games, read, or napped. when it wasn't raining we cooked over the campfire... potatoes, pork tenderloin, brats, s'mores. Saturday afternoon the sun came out for a long enough visit that we walked down to the beach and swam in the lake. the sand was all wet from the rain so it was good for moving around and building things... I made a sand creature head thing, that was fun. took some pictures but haven't uploaded anything yet. There were showers there (roughin' it, huh?) so I washed off as best I could.

on the way home we went through beaumont so we all drove off through town to see the windmills. most of them weren't spinning which confused me, because it seemed like a nice breeze was going, but whatever.

got home and scrubbed all the outside wilderness off myself but my eyes are still watery and itchy from the world. I had allergies, but not as bad as some people. then I crashed out by like 9:30 and slept hard last night, it felt good.
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