Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

coffee break, past encounters

the day is cold and crappy. sigh.

The vacation I took made me lazy, I've lost my momentum. Before break I was all work-a-holic girl, 12 hours a day on senior design, 10 hours a week on technical writing internship, and a very clean room. Now I'm pretty damn content to just piddle around... tell myself that installing a poll script on my web page all by myself is an educational accomplishment or something.

I guess I am kinda proud of myself for that.

Found out today that my boss went to the same elementary school I did in St. Louis! WHOH! She's five years older than I am, of course, so we didn't know one another or have any friends in college, but we remember teachers! The music teacher, the gym teachers, even the librarian... it's so nuts! I told her I'd like to find some old kids I went to school with, if nothing else just to prove how normal I turned out (did I turn out normal? uh-oh). I was a freakish little girl (who'd have guessed?). Like, in the third grade I had a huge crush on the boy who sat next to me, Phillip Olson, so I told him I was from Mars and disguised as a human to learn about their culture. He kinda went along with it to be nice, but looking back I bet he was scared and wanted to move to another table.

By forth grade, I was in the group of kids that nobody officially listened to... it was like, me, the girl with bifocals, the boy that couldn't talk right or read, and the kid who smelled. So I didn't have my weird effect on the general population anymore, just my group of really "special" friends.

You know, people act like that's a bad thing, but here 10 years later I'm a reasonably normal young woman. I never did drugs, got pregnant or dropped out of school - in fact I'm about to get a college degree. I have enough friends to keep me happy. I shower regularly. So I turned out better than, oh, probably 35-50% of the U.S. population, wouldn't you say? I think if I have kids and they turn out to be freaky nerds (of course they will, what am I doing with the "if" stuff?), I'll just encourage that and not worry too much. Most of us seem alright.

And Phillip, if you're out there, I'm sorry I freaked you out and said I was going to have you abducted. Hey, I'm Spacefem, what did you expect?
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