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I had a fabulous graduation party last night. the ceremony was in the afternoon, it was adorable. part of me felt sort of silly, like i'm too old for this cap and gown, families cheering me on sort of thing, but I'm glad I did it. then a few hours later we had the gang over for festivities.

who was there (I think):
family - 7 (mom, dad, sister, bro-in-law, mom-in-law, dad-in-law, marc)
coworkers - 11 (mark, corrie, tom, amber, cat, joe, laura, tony, melanie, todd, mike, andrea)
neighbors - 7 (nate, dave, andrew, laura, pam, jason, adam)
other friends - 9 (patrick, solomon, matt, omar, becca, matt, matt, jayson, lee)
from school - 3 (debbie, josh, ted)

wow, 37. awesome. I told the caterer 40... can I estimate or what? I mean, that's based on the fact that I sent out invites, asked for RSVPs, and had THREE people actually do so. Two of which were my mom and dad. So I just guessed on the real number because I hate bugging people for RSVP.

We were in the apartment lobby for the early part with lots of food and people, then moved into the apartment later to play some card games and chat. there was also a venture out to go see the riverfest fireworks. my sister kept the margarita pitcher going, mom helped out a TON (she's like me, can't really sit still), we had jello shots. I got lots of cards. andrea made me a fantastic cake that we devoured... it was yellow, with a purple planet wearing a graduation hat, I'll have to post pictures later.

all in all it was fabulous, we were up until around 2. people were really nice and congratulatory and didn't force me to talk about school too much. I received some gifts... mostly alcohol! wine, vodka, tequila... I guess so I can kill all the brain cells storing the pain of the last few years? Or the knowledge.

I mean, I can get the knowledge back any time, because I tried to sell back my textbooks and failed. Dragged a huge pile of them into the bookstore, marc even helped me, probably $800 worth of literature there. Out of that they took three books and gave me $60. so I'm stuck with all this stuff.
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