Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,


weddingplans thread:

no, it's not juicy drama, sorry. it's about my political views related to marriage. It's also the inspiration for this liberal bumper sticker thought of the day:

If marriage is a sacred institution, could we please avoid making it a government institution? Because I'm pretty sure those two things are 100% opposite.

Having the state of Kansas grant its approval upon Marc and I just made me wonder how I'd feel if Rachel Ray told me I was a good computer programmer, or Lindsey Lohan was handing out the engineering degrees at commencement. I just want to yell... "This has nothing to do with you! You screw up other things you're involved in, this is too important, it can't be screwed up, leave it alone! Stop making it about government and institutions and society, it's not about that at all!"
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