Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

getting ms help

I absolutely hate how Microsoft named its office applications after very common english words. the new one I hate is "communicator". Not only is that a normal english word, but it was ALREADY an application, and a very popular one at that. what the hell.

access. word. excel. they all kill me. you google some term trying to get help and get everything under the sun.

I realize I should hate microsoft for other reasons, but being a capitalist myself, I really don't hate them as much as you'd think. I mean sure I own a mac and I prefer linux but I don't think any system is the one great tool for, well, anything. and some things about office 2007, which I've been trying in the computer labs recently, are downright slick. I think they've finally found a way for the common user to implement styles into word documents... something that I've tried to yank people into for years. It took me five minutes of hunting for a "snap to grid" setting before I gave up and searched help, but most things are intuitive. it's not all bad.
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