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I was at a party last night where a guy was telling me how libertarianism was a giant corporate conspiracy. It's not a new argument to me, I've been hearing it since college. The idea is that when I say "Government is a freaking waste of money", I've been tricked by The Man, because if we had no government then corporations would just do whatever they wanted and they're big and powerful and they'd rule us all.

The problem is that corporations are already big and powerful and ruling us all... the fact that we pour money into government just buys them another tool to beat us with.

You can't escape it. I work for a big company, I think about this all the time. I feel like the towers are on top of me sometimes, like I have to saw through layers and layers of bureaucracy to get reasonable sense into the right people, and sometimes it's not even possible, because they people in power aren't reasonable. But I can't quit, because if I wasn't working for a big company I'd just to go work for a small company, whose business depends on (guess it!) a big company. one big circle.

Corporations buy the government, and we fund the government, and that's what I'm sick of, and why I'm a libertarian. There are things I don't like about it, sure. I think everyone has the right to food, shelter, education, safety and health care... for public good. That's not a very libertarian thing to think.

But the whole corporate conspiracy thing drives me nuts.
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