Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

conservapedia is teh gay

so since this is my wiki love year, I checked out Conservapedia this week. The idea behind conservapedia is that since Wikipedia is edited by a bunch of sorry pinko liberals, the world needs an alternative viewpoint to maintain unbias. They claim to be the one Wiki that doesn't allow liberal bias to decieve the truth.

Anyway I normally wouldn't write about a site like this, but I came upon a revelation when I glanced at their list of longest pages: at over 170,000 bytes, "homosexuality" has earned the award of being their longest article. Wikipedia's article on the topic is only 115,000 bytes... nice try Wikipedia, but you've got some catching up to do in the homosexuality department. Your longest article is a 500,000 byte List of United States political families... not very homosexual.

I might sound immature, but if you have 170,000 bytes to say about gay people, I have to tell ya: u r gay. I don't mean gay like "bad" gay. I mean "gay" like "I wish I could be on that parade float in rainbow undies showing my true colors to all of San Francisco!" gay. You may not know it. You may deny it. But anyone who spends that much time thinking about homosexuality has got something not-straight about them going on. I hang out with gays, and they come in many different personalities, genders, occupations, religions, but one thing they have in common: they like talking about being gay. That's the first sign I look for these days.
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