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I think my coworkers believe that every single man, woman, and child who receives public assistance today is perfectly capable of getting off their asses and getting jobs. Forget the fact that minimum wage won't begin to pay rent in many cities, or that people with mental issues or health problems may not be capable of working... the secret to running the government properly would be to abolish welfare once and for all. Having a few people milking the system ruins it... toss it out, regardless of whether it's saving some people who can't work.

Conservatives accuse liberals of wanting to re-distribute all wealth so everyone is "equal"... I'm not for that. I don't think many liberals are, actually. But I would like to keep people from starving to death or dying of curable medical conditions... is that so much to ask?

what's worse...

A welfare system that's too open, so some freeloaders who could work find it easier to milk the system.
A welfare system that's not open enough, so people who aren't capable of working starve in the streets.
I don't think this is a realistic question, we could have the perfect system.
I don't think we should have any kind of government-run welfare or public assistance.
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