Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,


Pet peeve: when you post a question in a programming community about how to do something, and the first half of the replies are just "Why would you want to?" or "You shouldn't."

If you've got an answer to the question, and then want to debate the "why?" issues that come up, that's one thing. but don't make someone see that they've gotten a reply to the question only to find out that no one actually answered it.

edit: oh, I just got another even worse answer! It goes like this... you tell the community "I have users who are doing ____, and I want the program to make that workable." Their response: "tell your users not to do that!"

"tell your users they can't copy text out of MS word!"

"tell your users they HAVE to use firefox!"

"tell your users they're idiots and you hate them!"

who are we programming for, people?
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