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The man was DJ at a family wedding over the weekend, and I personally think he did a pretty darn awesome job at it. But he says he doesn't want to make a habit of doing weddings... it could be awful. I mean, even at this little friendly job there were people who came up and said, "you've just GOT to play James Taylor! COME ON!!!" There were about 2-2.5 hours of dancing scheduled... that's not a lot, when you think of the number of songs that go into it. It calls for a carefully balanced song list, and a good feel for the crowd to keep them dancing. that's what DJs do... they're party engineers, they interpret what's going on with the dance floor and pick the right song to keep people moving.

I read weddingplans still because some sick part of me loves it, I mean, our economy could tank any day, there's a horrible unjust war going on, the olympics are happening in a country who's respect for human rights barely touches the level of my respect for egg salad dishes at four-hour picnics. And yet there's 3,872 loyal members of weddingplans discussing what envelope style to use on invitations. love it. embrace the triteness.

but I digress... every once in a while, someone will post a list of 15-20 songs they're planning to give their DJ to play. Don't do it. You're paying the DJ because he/she is a professional who can do things that you can't, don't ruin it by trying to be that person because you've made mix tapes before.

Same deal at a club... don't be that crazy person who requests a song and then goes apeshit when it's not played INSTANTLY. Don't insult the DJ by offering to bring in a CD from your car. Would you go to a restaurant, and offer to bring ingredients from your car to help out the chef?
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