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wikipedia today

I think I've found the coolest wikipedia article ever:

Wikipedia:Lamest Edit Wars

It's this whole catalog of stuff wikipedia members have had serious (as in, thousands of words) debates about. Topics include whether the second word in Weird Al's last album (Straigh Outta Lynwood) should be captilized, what ages qualify as "preteen", and whether Fry from Futurama was cryonically frozen or crygenically frozen.

and my total hands-down favorite: the four-page debate over whether the genre for band Panic At The Disco should be rock, pop, dance, emo, big beat, techno, punk, dance, techno, jazz, electronica, alternative, or indie.

Incidently I found this from Pages Linking to Futurama. Wikipedia is technically edited by everyone, but it's largely edited by nerds, so there are 15 pages about futurama and I'm pretty sure that everything about futurama is on wikipedia. I mean, I see it everywhere. Futurama is mentioned on articles about Coolio, lobster, olestra, Al Gore's presidential campaign of 2000... the list goes on. I'm fairly certain that wikipedia users can link everything to Futurama.

All of this just enhances my love of Wikipedia and everything it stands for, seriously, it's a huge spiritual fabulous thing for me.
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