Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

site updates

well, per requests of some avid blob fans and recent journal posters, I have nixed the forum (because it was lame) and replaced it with a guestbook. go knock yourselves out! in fact, please do sign it, so I can delete the test messages and have it not look empty.

I also added a page of technical information because I keep getting e-mails about how I make a webpage and what I use and stuff. A lot of the questions are very valid and I don't mind getting them, there are only a few that are like, "Will you teach me HTML?". Hopefully this will help with both.

dang, it felt good to sleep in my own bed last night! and by myself! how do married people sleep with each other every night? I think I'm gonna have to have my own space if I ever go that route... boyfriends are way better than roommates, but they still get old after a while in the same way.

let's see... I've been home now for about 14 hours... anyone want to make a prediction about when I'm going to unpack? or better yet, when I'm going to get some homework done and quit sitting around? I feel so relaxed now after the vacation. Thinking about senior design just sounds painful, like a bad memory.

i'm gonna make some soup or something now... later!
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