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spacefem's non-engineer survey

I was giving my diversity presentation to some higher-ups when one of them asked, "What can we do to encourage more of your generation to go into engineering?" I don't think he understood how huge a question that was. I mean, people are doing phd dissertations on that. The number of engineering students in America has plummeted in recent years.

But it got me thinking - maybe there are some obvious reasons why fewer people want to be engineers these days. So with your help I'd like to do a short informal survey, maybe I'll have a more brilliant answer some time. Or maybe this will start some grand lifetime of exploration where I solve the problems of our day. I really want to know your reason for not being an engineer. I'm not going to debate you, I know that other careers are incredibly important, this isn't set up to try to make you an engineer, I'm just curious. So be honest in your reply. And if you can recruit some friends to reply to me, that'd help too. Here's what I'd like to know...

What country you're from:
Are you smart?
Your college major:
If you're going to be an engineer, what got you to join our ranks?
If you chose a science/technology/math field outside from engineering, why didn't you go with engineering?
And finally, the important one... If you avoided science/tech/math/eng altogether, can you say why?
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