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back in the USSR... don't know how lucky you are

Well folks, I'm home. I realize that I didn't see everything and everyone I could have seen while in Toronto, but I'll have to live with that for a while. In a way it's nice to be back even though "back" means "in the crappy town I call home". sigh. Toronto has so much culture.

Events in the past few days: Wednesday we woke up and drove around. Our faithful tour guides (epi_lj and xtabay for that day) told us about all the sites. We drove by Casa Loma, didn't go in though. Went to some neat markets... one was a sort of farmers' market and the other was the Pacific Mall, which is like this big collection of asian stores in a barn. There were four basic types of stores at the pacific market: questionably legal electronics, very trendy clothes, toys/anime/random stuff, and Bubble Tea. Dave tried some bubble tea and it was totally nasty... sweet tea was bad enough, but sweet fruity tea was worse. Oh well, points for trying new things, right? We bought some random candies and things (mandarin oranges... mmm!) and I gazed longlingly at the clothes (which are size appropriately for cute little asian girls, not big awkward americans like yours truly). I bought some stickers and xtabay gave me a little notepad with random anime characters and poor english translations later. she's so cool, I wouldn't mind being anyone we hung out with in Toronto, honestly, they're angels. They don't talk loud enough (that's a toronto thing, uhg! c'mon and yell, all!), so I might change that, but everything else is perfect, they're adorable, love them all.

At night, epi took us all to a movie, Amelie, which I had never seen because cultural movies like that don't come to Kansas but I'd heard about it on she-net and wanted to see it. It kinda felt like a french heroine (yes, the drug) trip but it was a really interesting, creative film. I'll have to go back and read the she-net thread on it, even though I'm a few months behind everyone.

Thursday morning we left. Dave and I drove all night and stopped in Markle, Indiana (yes) at a nice little motel in the middle of nowhere. We drove all today. On the way back, we went through St. Louis, where I decided to take a little adventure to see my old house. And I found it! The streets in St. Louis are a cluster fsck and I almost hit like eight cars but it was so neat. The house isn't white anymore, it's kinda beige, and there's a new swingset in the back yard, and the gigantic cottonwood tree isn't as big as I remembered it, but it was still really fun. Dave didn't seem to mind too much, I told him all about my childhood memories and the buildings around. Our favorite grocery store is still around (of course!) and my old church is there and beautiful, it's even expanded a bit.

And I'm home! And more, I'll please you with the final conclusions from the week...
  • Toronto is an incredible town that I wouldn't hesitate to live in if it were a bit warmer. It gets to -40 degrees there! Forget that.
  • America is scuzzy compared to Canada, especially on the border towns, they're just freaking embarrassing.
  • David is a better driver than I am, even if he complains about all the other drivers a lot more and doesn't like my music.
  • Canadians are beautiful people, but I will continue making fun of them for being canadians, I hate to say it.

Anyway, I'm tired now. I need to unpack and go to bed. Maybe I'll write more when I remember, but until then, I just want to tell everyone that I made it there and back safely and owe my new toronto friends a zillion thanks for showing me such a great time. bye all! *hugs*
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