Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

meal plan

The man and I go out to eat way too much. We know this. But we're sort of powerless to stop it.

When I was single, my meal planning went like this:

1) Get off work, stop by the store.
2) Buy groceries & cook.
4) Eat some, save/freeze the rest.
5) Leftovers for days!

The married plan has two options.
Option A:
1) Get off work, one of us stops by store.
2) Buy groceries & cook.
3) Man eats all the food.
4) Leftovers - maybe a lunch if we're lucky.

Option B:
1) Get off work, miss each other, more incentive to go straight home.
2) Neither of us feels like going back out after all that, since we don't live near grocery stores.
3) But we do live by restaurants!

My hippy sister told me that she and her man sit down every week and plan out their meals (?!) then go shopping once and it's all good. Other couples I know just stock up on processed crap, like freezer stuff... it saves money compared to going out, but not health.

So I'm open to suggestions here, from any of you who are good at doing home cooked things. Marc and I both enjoy cooking and eating home cooked foods, in theory. It's the planning and grocery shopping ideas we can't handle. Do you actually plan? Actually go to the store every day? Is there some way I could evolve to just not having to eat every three hours? Egads, when I was single I even used to wake up in the morning and make myself a sandwich for lunch... how'd that ever work?
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