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Must apologize first for not replying to any comments from previous entries... busy busy! Canananada is still being way fun and we've got the coolest hosts ever showing us around. Tuesday we slept really late. I felt bad about that but it's not the sort of thing that bothers David, so hey, it kinda works. We went to the Royal Ontario Museum which has a big egyptian section I loved and a downstairs ode to canadian history/artifacts. Interesting tidbit - we learned in school that the war of 1812 was fought over the british navy taking our ships randomly and being general jerks to us, canadians seem to think that it was about the U.S. invading their country for fun one day. Probably both a little right, it's just funny to see the culture differences. At night we went to the CN tower (tallest freestanding structure in the world! I think.) and rode to the top to look out. It was night, which I thought was a good idea because 1) it'd be pretty and 2) I'm scared to death of heights. There's this section on the tower that has a glass floor that you stand on to feel like you're not standing on anything. I actually did it, I was proud of myself. I think the height fear thing was decreased also because we were too high up to really even feel high or have a concept of where we were. Afterwards we went to dinner at an ethiopian place. It was really good, I miss the one in Kansas City I used to go to with my Dad. I ate a ton.

Yesterday David and I kinda went off on our own... in the morning we hit a mall to go shopping (had planned for the Ontario Science Center but all the workers are on strike so it's closed! bah!) and in the afternoon we took off for Niagara Falls. It was wet. And falling. Quite nice to see though even though my glasses were all misty the whole time. We joined up with the crew (okoshun, epi_lj, & xtabay) for dinner at a Japaneese sushi type place which was a new experience for me but it was really good. I ate way too much. waaaaay too much. Then we went to a bar and shot pool and relaxed for a bit.

Today we had a whole score of things to do but it's raining, so about half of it might be cut (the walking around outdoors parts, basically)

Canadian Cultural Oddities! (continued)
  • 15% sales tax! egad I can't take it! we might get some of that back, but dang.
  • There are 18,000 Tim Horton's (coffee shop place) per square mile. I'm really serious here.
  • "University" and "College" are two totally different things here. Like, I can't say I'm a "college student", it doesn't work because I go to a University. Crazy.
  • Government owns all alcohol. There's a chain of beer stores and a chain of liquor stores, all government owned, but you can't buy beer at a gas station like you can in Missouri. damn!
  • Too many highway exits/entrances from the left side! I mean, in the states if you want off the highway you make your way to the right lane and exit. Here you make your way to the right lane, find out the exit is on the other side of the road, cross 4 lanes of traffic and cause three accidents, and exit. Nice process. It's about 50/50 I think, totally unpredictable.
  • I got coins everywhere. They don't use dollar bills here but they have $1 and $2 coins (loonies and tooies, I think, respectively). I'm sick of carrying them, there, I said it.

Well that's it for today, I'll keep the updates coming hopefully, take care all you damn yankees!
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