Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

sweet wikipedia quotes

I was reading up on orthonormal basis (because that's how I like to party) and found this quote on the discussion pages, where a debate was going on about whether the article would be helpful or useful to the average non-expert reader. quoth the author:
usually I construe 'non-expert' as meaning a person with a PhD in mathematics who does not specialize in a particular research area.
It's so absurd I absolutely must love it. It's just this type of academic rediculousness that keeps me in grad school... the overwhelming feeling that you will never be an expert, never have all the answers, never have anything automatically come to you. It's painful, sure, but it makes you look at the whole world as one big pile of crazy. When someone calls you stupid you say, "Yeah, that's the universe."

I think I'm giving up for tonight.
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