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so last week when my car was in the shop I got to drive the man's car around, which was pretty bad. for one thing, his left turn signal is broken. so that's illegal. and annoying. I spent the day staying in one lane, trying to arrange routes so I wouldn't be going left, ever. At one point I was on the highway, had to change lanes, and some guy of course honks at me because I didn't signal. Trust me, he was in no danger, but I realize it's annoying so I felt bad.

I asked marc how he felt about being honked at all the time and he said it never happened to him, he just switches lanes however because men don't get honked at as much. the hell? he said that's just what he's noticed... although people who do the honking are usually distributed evenly between the genders, and bad drivers are certainly distributed evenly ("stupid asshole" is a title that transcends every other label), most of the time when he sees someone being honked at, it's a woman. they assume women deserve to hear it more, or something. he admits that it's crap and makes a special effort to express road rage evenly, which is nice. I'm impressed that he even recognized it... I'm always told that when I notice some place where women aren't treated the same, it's because I'm a woman and hyper-sensitive or self-absorbed or whatever. But here's marc... not female, but he's another type of minority and I think it's given him that lens that works to recognize privilege. It's everywhere, and it doesn't matter what the target is, you just open your eyes to the fact that there are targets and suddenly the world looks different and things start making sense.

social implications aside... we're getting that signal fixed.
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