Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

high fidelity

The first time I saw High Fidelity I thought it was a pretty good movie. Then I realized that John Cusack's character is a woman-hating asshole who we're supposed to empathize with, because he's creative or something? But I don't. I'm sick of the slacker-striver movies where women are overbearing type-a freaks and men are neanderthals. Two awful things about it: it's mean (to both sexes), and it's totally overdone.

But high fidelity is one of the worst because it tries to be so arty and deep, but it's so cliche. And the main character is SUCH a woman-hating ass! is it one of those "main character is a villain you're not supposed to like" sort of deals? Aren't we always supposed to like the main character? Or does this movie just suck?
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