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pro-life thought for the day

I was at a candidate debate once where a question came up about disability. It turns out that Kansas is one of the worst states in the nation, in terms of allowing people to go on disability. Your right to disability is determined by a judge, who reviews material from doctors but holds the ultimate decision making power. Both the people at the debate and the candidates agreed that it takes years to get on disability, and people occasionally die waiting to get on it. I read on this website that the average time to get a hearing is 17-21 months, and even if you get a hearing, there's about a 1/3 chance that you'll be denied.

Which makes me wonder... if we make abortion illegal, except in cases where the health or life of the mother is in danger like so many people support, who will decide that she's in danger? Will we leave it to a judge, since there are legal implications to making the wrong decision? Will it take 17 months to get the case before the judge? Will the woman just have to choose between death and jail?

In case you were wondering, that's not the type of choice that us "pro-choice" people are willing to settle for.
Tags: feminism, pro-choice
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