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back in the day when Hillary Clinton started running for, well, anything, I wasn't thrilled. I hoped our first woman president would be some cool independent outsider who clearly got where she was because of her brains and hard work. And I know Hillary's done good things. But why is she famous? Because of who she was married to. Okay yeah, let's pretend that her becoming first lady is just pure coincidence and she would have definitely won the senate seat had she not been married to a famous Bill... it's still unfortunate that they're married.

Because I think it gives millions of women the message that they can be anything! as long as their husband does it first.

But since I'm a feminist I tried to hold back a little on my hillary-hating, because everyone told me feminist LOVE Hillary, and I believed them. Or, at least, didn't want to piss off too many feminists, because I think I learn a lot from them... even when I disagree with one, I still learn a helluva lot more than I ever could from an anti-feminists, because anti-feminists are just not the critical thinkers that feminists are. I will stand by that statement. But because I'm an american, and americans always believe what they hear from non-feminists even when they try not to, I thought "we" all loved Hillary Clinton and wanted her to be president because she's amazing.

Anyway this post in the lj feminist community shocks me in a good way because they don't all love Hillary like I thought, they don't even agree with Gloria Steinem. It just goes to show how incredibly awesome feminists are, and how even when I assume that I'll make them mad... I assume wrong. I'm still not crazy about Obama. I've been an engineer longer than he's held a national office, and I haven't even been promoted to group lead yet. But that's an issue we can sort out later. For now I feel good because I can write about how I don't like Hillary Clinton, her giant health care plan, her support for the death penalty, her tax hikes, her votes for No Child Left Behind, and especially the fact that she's a democratic party insider who annoys me. Being female never did make up for any of that, the way I see it, and I'm not the only feminist who says it. there.
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