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Canada - it's like a whole other country!

Well, we made it! Dave and I got in Saturday around 5 (?) and went out to dinner with epi_lj and okoshun. We got a hotel and went to sleep at like 10 p.m. (I guess 15 hours on the road will do that to you, huh?) The trip went okay, customs was nerve racking but we made it through okay.

Yesterday we walked around downtown. xtabay joined the group (we're picking up another IRC person every 12 hours or so I decided.) There are fantastic stores here, it's a real downtown, not like the cruddy over-commercialized strip malls in Kansas City I've seen. Oh, we've got Westport, but it's really not big like this, and I don't go often.

At night we stopped and picked up mtffm, did dinner at a mongolian grill, and had coffee with him an xtabay until midnight or so at a Tim Horton's (there's one on every corner here, it's like starbucks only cultural).

Running List: Canadian Cultural Oddities (will keep updated in further entries maybe)
  • The way they say "about" (they say dave and I have accents! what up? we talk like the normal people on TV and stuff!)
  • Candy bars! mtffm made us stop in a drug store to show us the whole milk-in-bags phenomenon and we bought tons of interesting candy that doesn't exist in "the states". Nestle stuff mostly.
  • Milk in bags. See above. I can't relate to a culture without milk gallons, I mean, what do they make birdfeeders out of in preschool?
  • They call stocking caps "tooks" and think we're really funny for not doing so.
  • I took money out of my "chequing" (check + queen?) account
  • Poutine! It's actually really good, when they said "gravy and fries" I was envisioning our gravy - theirs is totally different, more of a sauce. Anyway they have it everywhere here, even at McDonnald's, but we had it at Moose's on the first night and it was classic.

There will be more to add later, I just need to get off okoshun's computer and go eat lunch :)

end note - my hotel room has a coffee maker and a packet of "american roast" coffee! we win!
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