Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

adoption baby shower?

okay so advice needed... a close friend of mine is adopting a baby, probably within the next few weeks. I think it'd be nice to throw her a shower. Here's the dealio: The baby will be born in another state, and I think we were all a little nervous that the birth mother would change her mind or something, so we're way late on this. The baby is due any time now.

So what's the timing like in this situation... should we throw something together, try to have the shower next weekend before my friend leaves to pick up the baby? Or just wait until she gets back? If we did that it'd be a little more organized, and we'd be sure she'd have the baby, but I know people really need stuff for newborns and I'd worry that we'd be late in giving stuff to her. thoughts?

this actually has come up before with my friends... I knew another woman who was a foster mom, and adopted one of the babies in her foster care. We felt like giving a shower, you know, welcome the baby into the family, but the baby had already been living with the family for months so the timing felt weird and I don't think we ever did anything. and I feel bad, because I feel like adoptive parents deserve every bit as much love and celebration as birth parents.
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