Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

carpet, day 2

Remember my post about the end of the world and how I think about it all the time? This is one of those entries I'll look back on after the devestation of society as we know it and I'll think, "man, my life must have been awfully nice to think about the trivial bs I thought about." All these things that concern me... alloy not having the jeans style I like this season, the edge of my sex & the city season 5 DVD ripping, these are signs of a privileged life, if that's what concerns me.

Anyway I woke up this morning and the carpet where I broke that wine bottle looked awful, I felt it and it was still wet, so I figured it was just the water. Got home, it still looked like that. I asked marc, "Is the carpet still wet? Why's it so dark?" and he just looked up and said, "That's the color it is now." He's very accepting.

Luckily I know a girl who owns a carpet cleaner: happens to be my former roommate. I take back those bad things I said about her. She was more than happy to let us borrow it, it's a big sucky hoover that we bought special soap for, and it seems to have done wonders. I wish I could be at the apartment during the day to check the carpet out in good lighting... maybe tomorrow over lunch. Anyway I'm optimistic. The 4'x5' area that was clearly stained seems almost normal now. go us.

work today was annoying. I wore a bra, as I do in the office, as I totally don't at home. And since I've been home for something like ten days, it's been sweatshirts and nothing underneath the whole time. I think tomorrow will have to be camisole day, I need to transition into this a little better. It was freezing cold, too. That's pretty normal. Yeah, my office is oppressive.
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