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Everything I Did In 2007

Well, it's time for an exciting sequel to the entries everything I did in 2005 and everything I did in 2006. I like end-of-the-year summary things, especially when other people do them, because it lets me catch up on the major events that I miss in people's lives due to being sort of out of it a lot of the time. I think I'll call this entry, oh, I don't know...

Everything I Did in 2007

January You know what? 2007 really started out boring for me, I just realized this while reading over January. I was either complaining about my roommate or gushing about my boyfriend. The roommate was more fun... the best entries are where I analyze her screwed-up relationship. So that's good reading.

February I started looking for an apartment to move out into. It's funny, when you think about these events in your life (getting tired of roommate, eventually moving out) you see them as so spread out. But in reality, they're only a few months apart. Things worked out fine, she was ready for me to move out too, we're friends now. At work, I was moved to a new airplane, after working the same project for three years and campaigning to be moved after two of those.

March I moved into my the new apartment, officially establishing residence closer to the cool downtown area. No more suburban hell. I also became obsessed with cuteoverload. During the move, my credit card was stolen after I left it at the truck rental company and the number quickly showed up at ATMs in Thailand. I still don't get it, but it's all straightened out.

April Marc and I had decided at some indeterminable time (prior to April) that we were meant to be together forever. It's silly... I wasn't sure it would all really turn out right, so I have no livejournal entries about the fact that I'd looked at dresses online, or about Marc e-mailing me ring pictures at work. We eventually decided that engagement wasn't for us, but marriage was... and figuring out how to explain that to the world occupied some time in April. At the end of the month, we just went ahead and told our parents. It went great.

May We decided have a real wedding, instead of going to vegas, set a date and got our wedding bands in. We chose August 4th, so we'd only have to spend 10 weeks in wedding planning land. Very good decision, by the way. At work, I started a women's networking group. It's been very successful... we have almost 200 members now.

June I went on two fabulous float trips and half-joined a roller derby league. Roller derby was a blast; when grad school ends and their season starts up I'm definitely jumping back in. And in case anyone's wondering, the exciting night that ended in marc laying out a drunk guy with a deck chair all ended okay, we really can laugh about that now.

July I went to Oshkosh for the EAA Airventure and it was incredible. Four full days out in the sun looking at airplanes, talking to avionics types, learning good history and hearing from homebuilders. It was awesome.

August I married marc. Looking back at the entries, my journal did get pretty freaking annoying and bride-y towards the end there. My bad. Anyway we had a fantastic wedding, I was almost convinced several times that we made the right choice by not going to vegas. And we DID go to vegas, but after the wedding.

September I passed my five-year mark at work. My grandmother passed away. My entries during the month were mostly locked off, a lot about family, and a lot about death, because it was on my mind the entire time. I didn't write much about my grandmother; I still really can't, no part of me wants to reflect on it so much. I just heard a man on NPR contribute a memorial about his father, who passed away two days before; I couldn't believe it.

October I was very, very busy with school. I did wear a halloween costume to work, but that was about the highlight.

November I took my exit exam for my EE master's, and passed. I now have four credits left until graduation, so it'll probably happen next May. Most of November's posts are about my intense hatred for school.

December And here we are! Another semester ended, another Christmas, blizzards, youtube, redesign the website... same old stuff. Marc and I are so happy that we are completely disgusting and I'm usually ashamed to write about it. So far this month I've gotten with friends to play flux, clue, boggle, risk and trivial pursuit, reminding me what a joyful idle time December is. Truly, life is fabulous.

Hope everyone else had a lovely 2007, and best wishes for 2008!
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