Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

water in the air

I got a humidifier for Christmas and it's fabulous! I used to have this completely crappy Holmes one, with a huge noisy fan, nasty pricey filters that had to be replaced all the time, and no deadband. So when it detected that it was at the chosen humidity level, it would flip on and off in two second intervals.

Anyway the new one is Honeywell, it's warm-air, it's quiet, it has nifty buttons. I've filled it up three times. Humidity in the apartment has gone from 20% to almost 35%. I hate how my skin and lungs feel in the winter... I'm almost sure this will help.

The man is not a huge fan of humidity, but he keeps getting bloody noses so I told him this would help. He said that it would also help if I'd stop punching him in the face... sort of a mean thing to say, I've only done that once and it was a total accident, I swear. It was early in the morning, I was half asleep, he was leaning in to kiss me before he left for work and I lifted my arms up to hug him and he just leaned into a fist in motion. this was a few weeks ago. He dramatically flopped down onto the bed and said "OW", then after a few seconds, "I'm bleeding."

So that was a morning I was supposed to sleep in, but I had to get up and help wash blood out of my pillow. I really think it was the humidity.
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