Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

recap of yesterday

Yesterday I woke up at 7 with one thought: crazy people-watching day at the mall! I couldn't wait. I've worked retail, so I know that the mall has secret early-opening hours, and if you get there early, there aren't swarms of people.

So I was at the mall at 8 am. I was so ready for exciting people day. I got an ice mocha, hit Express and Old Navy and Spencer's and all these stores.

At 10 am, there really wasn't anyone at the mall. I couldn't understand. I'd been sort of shopped out... I had heavy bags full of presents (many of them for me, hate to say it) and had other stores to go to, and I wanted to do those before it got crazy. So I gave up on my wonderful day of people-watching.

Crowds of people make me feel good. I get this feeling like society is really stable. We've found some sort of groove. It's not perfect, but most of us fit into it, and I fit into it. I go to the mall right before Christmas for that feeling.

Anyway I walked through the department store and when I saw the outside, I realized why no one was at the mall... we were in full-scale crazy blizzard mode. Huge snowflakes were coming down, the wind was blowing all the existing snow. I couldn't see cars, just white.

I made two more stops but that was it, I was practically using the braille method to drive, just sort of knowing where the roads were. People were insane. By noon I was back at the apartment... my feet were soaked and freezing, my bags were wet, I was cold. I made some phone calls and bummed around in the afternoon.

Marc got home with some food in the evening and we made dinner, watched The Simpsons movie, then decided to go out. It was Saturday night! He wanted to go to Old Chicago for a beer. We bundled up and walked outside; no driving required, we live about two blocks from the place. But when we got there is was cold and dark. In fact, most of downtown was cold and dark. The streets were deep in snow, no one was out... it was Saturday night and the bars were closed.

I mean, so much for my faith in society, right?

We did eventually find out that the Pumphouse was open, so we went there and did all the things that make us happy and comfortable: drinking and making fun of stupid women who wear heels and skirts in a blizzard. It was all okay. We came home, covered up and went to bed.

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