Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

And when I woke up, it was late December


I have ten days off from work. Marc has to slave away, but yours truly will be sitting around the apartment doing not much. Maybe I'll do something crafty. I have a cross-stitch kit that's been waiting for my attention the last two years.

Oh, and I have to do some Christmas shopping. I'm so horrible. Okay here's what happened this year... I got done with Thanskgiving, looked at the calendar, and thought, "Wow, Thanksgiving is early this year! There's still lots of November left! Christmas isn't until FOREVER!" That mentality stuck with me... I went back to school, finished classes, worked, wrote php at home, drank a lot. Then Monday I woke up and looked at the calendar and it was THE 17TH!


So I put in two internet orders... one I paid for crazy shipping on (and it's still not here!) and the other I just left to chance.

Marc and I have a beautiful Christmas tree. There are three presents under it. I wrapped them all just now. One's for my dad. One's for his mom. One is for him. We still have to buy for other parents, siblings, FRIENDS WHO GAVE US PRESENTS AND WE HAD NOTHING FOR THEM.

And then I have to get birthday presents! Want to know some crap? I don't buy birthday presents for very many people... in fact, here are the people in my life who I will buy birthday presents for, in the next 12 months:

1) Mom
2) Dad
3) Sister
4) Husband
5) Ms. A
6) Former roommate

TWO THIRDS of those people are born within the same one week period, from December 26th to January 4. What is it with me and capricorns?

In other news, I got all As this semester. I'm at like 3.65 now. This doesn't change the fact that I hate school, but it is good for my confidence.
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