Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

someday, she will be free.

conversation at work today:

coworker: Are you doing that "secret santa" thing?"

spacefem: Yes! I already got my person an ornament, even though she didn't give any "themes" to go off of.

c:Seriously? That's annoying, we were supposed to give our secret santa a theme. I used the steelers and cats.

s: Yup. Mine were space exploration and militant feminism.


c: On what screwed up planet do those things go together?

EXACT WORDS on that last sentence, people! it was all I could do to avoid yelling, "SPACEFEM!!!" but I was strong, I didn't do it. Honestly sometimes I don't know why I'm so secretive about my scandalous online existence. I'm so careful all the time to keep spacefem separate from any work/school/real life crowds. I think if they saw my website, it wouldn't surprise them anymore. And I'm good in this journal, I don't write bad things about people. Nothing that I haven't told them, anyway. I always act like it's a huge deal with my real-life friends slip and use my name in livejournal replies.

eventually I think everyone in the world will have a blog. kids graduating college today won't rise to management in ten years and think, "Oh, I shouldn't hire that new kid, he's got a MYSPACE!" because everybody will just be there. right?
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