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you know what I hate? crontab. I know it's the responsible thing to do... just set jobs to run every day or whatever... but it drives me nuts. It's so much easier to just go run stuff yourself, or set it to run if a visitor hits a page and the script sees that it's been X hours since a script was last run. cron jobs have to be set up again every time I switch servers; that's annoying. THEN if one screws up, it'll just be screwed up for days and you never know about it. I always have anxiety about whether it's running or not, I don't trust things. it's just not comfortable.

in other news... I have a big pain in the ass group project for school, and it's not going well. It's programming, so in the beginning of the project we divided the tasks evenly between the three of us. I got my part done. Another guy got his part done. We made sure it all worked together. Guy #3 just sort of realized this weekend that his part isn't coming together like it should.


And the worst part is that at this point, I'm too tired to care. I do not feel like doing his part of it. I offered to help, that's as far as I'm willing to go right now. It's due Wednesday. Our professor has been very involved, he knows what our different sections were, I feel like if it's Wednesday and only 2/3 of our projects work, I'll tell the professor flat-out that 2/3 of the group should get credit.
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