Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

hot button issues

the google ads on the side of my website are always interesting, because as most of you know, my website is about nothing. So our main page has articles on all sorts of different topics... basically we just feature forum threads with substantial text in the first post, sort of bloggy, it works pretty well I think. Draws people into the forums, gives us rotating content on that page, that sort of thing.

So last weekend I wrote an article about pro-life death penalty supporters and whether that's a contradiction in terms, which means that my google ads are all about abortion until we can move that thing down off there. There are four ad slots, and they're now all for pregnancy crisis centers and advocacy groups, all from that one article.

Today I was looking and there was an ad for cafepress that said: "Buy Abortion Apparel: Support Your Cause! 1000+ Designs. Abortion merchandise & gifts."

SUPER, people! Add a third side to the abortion debate: there's pro-life, pro-choice, and profiteers. My favorite is the line about gifts... as if that tops everyone's Christmas list this season? Who knows.
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