Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

shoe gloom

the hormone that makes women love shoe shopping skipped me. unless we're talking converse all-stars, I do not like shoe shopping. so anyway, my black work shoes are literally falling apart, and I need to replace them, but I'm afraid to go shopping until mid-January.

that's the other awful thing about missing out on the shoe shopping hormone: women's shoes are made to be worn three times over a four month period, and then replaced, because we're all supposed to have 300 of them. Well, I don't have 300 shoes. And when it comes to work shoes, I have one pair of black flats that almost-but-don't-quite resemble loafers, and I wear them every day. until I suffer a blowout, that is. then they just hurt. Seriously, I should start buying multiple pairs of the kinds I like, but I'm never sure I'll like them until I get them home, and then once I've got a good pair at home I don't want to go back out into the shopping world, that's just cruel.

sorry, I know I thought I'd be happy after my exit exam, and I'm trying, but it's tough. I still hate school... and what's worse, I'm way behind on everything because I took 10 days to study for the exam and 6 more to recover. And no, I still don't know if I passed the damn thing yet. And I hate work, because my office is freezing, there's still a vent that blows cold air on me all day and IT'S WINTER! At least I can wear heavier sweaters now... but my hands are cold. AND I'm in a bad shoe place.

well, take me or leave me.
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