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okay, so to be CRAZY I made a batch of deviled eggs with dijon mustard, and another with normal mustard, I'll see which ones are better after they chill for an episode.

consideration of the day: what role should exclamation points play in online communication? Someone wrote up a main page "welcome" sort of text for a website I do, and I felt like I should add exclamation points, for some reason. It just feels sort of harsh without them. I feel the same way in my work e-mails... part of me wants to leave them out to sound professonal, but the other half wants to include them to sound less bitchy. I change a lot depending on who I'm talking to, also.

Quick survey of important websites:

Wikipedia: three exclamation points, ALL in the "donate!" blurb at the top.

Livejournal: Exclamation points like crazy in people's "community descriptions", but that's it.

Cuteoverload: infinity. Apparently the word "Donate" must always be followed by an exclamation point... they're just like wikipedia

slashdot: used only as a tag prefix, not in grammar. only in spammy job postings. not as much as you'd think. Used in commands, like "Vote!"

eh. no time for a thesis today, gotta run.
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