Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

happy almost thanksgiving!

I wish netflix had some sort of "autobalance" function. like, when I add Scrubs Season 6 to my queue, I don't want to get all the DVDs in a row. I don't really want to television DVDs in a row, period. I like one TV one, and one movie.

in case you were wondering, having another person in the equation really makes the queue confusing. about every other time, i'm surprised about what comes in the mail. i really had to work at accomplishing that when i was single; now I just don't go onto netflix for a week.

Tonight I am making deviled eggs for thanksgiving tomorrow; we're going to two dinners! So i bought two dozen eggs, and tonight I'm making Round 1, because I've never actually made deviled eggs and I don't want to screw them all up. So... half tonight, half tomorrow, i'm sure they'll all be fantastic.

my man cleaned our apartment! I should do something like that sometime. it's nice.
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