Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

today's mood is...

I've been so gloomy today, wish I could pin it to something logical. I'm either really really tired from my trip or really really PMSing. Could be either. Could be both! AAAH!

Last night I went to the dinner theater with a student group, it was fun. Got to drive there with my old roommate from my freshman year. She just got a full scholarship to go to Baylor medical school (!) so she's excited about that. Also getting married in June to the guy she started dating when we were roommates, he's nice, going to be some big hospital administrator or something. Everyone is freaking getting married here! I've already been to one wedding this winter, now I know of three (3!) invitations coming up this summer. You know what? No itty-bitty-teensy part of me wants to get married this year. All these couples just seem so transient (does that make sense?) so... i dunno... "next big thing". You graduate from college, you start your life... and your life will be a married one. Your WHOLE LIFE! Someone here is going to think that classic "She's a woman, she harbors wedding bitterness, she's jealous and is only talking about her friends weddings because she wants her own so bad." But in this case it's really not true and I'm not sure how to convey that. Curiousity: do people ever think that about men who say they're happy the way they are?

My #1 web design client who I've had for like two years now said this the other day, I think I'll glue it to my wall, I so love her:

You are definitely ready to leave college!  It will be melancholy at first, but you will soon get over it.  There is so much more to do now.  Okay, so I am 16 years older than you...not a lot, but enough to know there is a lot to do.  Whatever you do, don't think about marriage or kids or anything like that until you are at least 30!  Go do everything you want to do in the next several years.  Do things you think you might want do to, too.  If it does not work out, do something else.  Never let lack of money or ability keep you from doing anything. You will usually find out you have enough to do both, even if it is just for awhile.  You are in an exciting time in your life.  You just GO FOR IT!    You will do great at whatever you do....just don't eat Ramen noodles every night!  HA!

Right on, Ann!

Job news - My lab partner (wedding #2, BTW) got a job offer this weekend for Raytheon. Took it on the spot. Go her! I'm happy, she deserves it and has wanted to work with them for a while.

I still have no job.

I still have no working senior design project.

My room is still a mess.

My hair needs cut.

But I'm alive, more than that, I'm living. mmm... journaling makes me feel very, very good some days :)
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