Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

I'm actually feeling better

I've decided to be completely negative this week. And not just because a professor who JUST wrote his exit exam e-mailed me to say he'd left chapters 6-11 off the thing, even after I've wasted all sorts of scary time trying to study it. And not just because my boss called me into a "quick ten minute teleconference" and I couldn't find a good time to escape as it droned on for an hour, ruining my chances of going to lunch with my coworkers. Nope, I'm being negative just because I can. Next week I might have a poll to see if anyone actually prefers super-mega-hateful-bitchfem, or if i should go back to my old only halfway bitchy self.

Last friday I was angry because I knew I had a weekend of studying ahead of me, so I really didn't appreciate everyone in my office doing that happy "It's Friday!" sing-songy thing that office people do. But I lived through the day. Then I made it to this week. I'm washing my hands in the ladies room yesterday and a woman at the next sink asked me how I was doing. I said, "Fine, how are you?" She said, "It's Monday!"


So today someone asked me how I was, and I said, "It's Tuesday!" all perky like that, and they did that fake corporate giggle and said, "Yup!" WHAT DOES THIS EVEN MEAN, PEOPLE? they're all days! STOP!

It's November 13th!

If I'm ever your boss, and you TELL me it's friday or wednesday or whatever, I'm making you work weekends until you don't know the difference.

something tells me this is a fairly petty trite overdone complaint... sort of like people complaining about hot dog buns in 8-packs and hot dogs in 10-packs, but I'm not caring right now.
Tags: office politics
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