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more and more I'm not just frustrated with the idea that I have to take the exit exam next week, I'm downright pissed off. I talked to some teachers today to get a picture of what's going to be on it, and from what I can tell they're basically making us re-take finals, except all squished together, four in a row. why the hell would we need to do that, except to help them check some dumbass accreditation box somewhere? or are they punishing us for not being thesis students? or are they bored towards the end of the semester? i mean really, I'm downright indignant about this now.

we don't get a study guide. one professor said he hadn't even written his test yet. we don't get sample tests. all we have to go off of is material from previous semesters.

i'm told that "most" people pass the test, but they're doing some shifty things with note allowances this semester so i get the feeling I'm being guinea pigged into a more difficult time. they decided that none of the tests would be open book... that's great, except for the fact that my filters class used a book that was basically full of formulas, and every one of our tests there was open book. so what's this supposed to be about?

I had a professor a few semesters ago stand up a week before the semester ended to tell the grad students, "Oh, since this class is taken by graduates and undergraduates, I'm supposed to make sure the graduates do more work. So write a paper. 5-7 pages, pick a topic that has something to do with this class, it's due next week." Seriously. I don't think he even read the papers. He wouldn't tell us how many points they were worth, just that we'd get an incomplete if we didn't do them. And it was torture... doing research for nothing. part of me wanted to totally bs it, but i felt bad putting my name on something and turning it in if it wasn't at least sort of intelligent. so it cut into finals week study time. and this exit exam is screwing with my ability to get my homework in. but whatever, if they think it's so important, I guess i'll do it. I'm going to keep saying "fuck" a lot this week though.
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