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at this time next week I'll be taking my exit exam. this means that at this time this week I'm supposed to be studying. I am, to tell the truth. I woke up at 7, poured coffee and hit it for an hour until I got frustrated and took a break. since then it's been sort of going downhill. well, the break helped, I mostly got over my issue when I returned, but I'm mad that I can't just go continuously... this is break 2 or 3, I'm about ten pages into 40 or so to make it through today.

Sometimes when I'm doing this, all strung out on graduacrack like I call it, I think about what would happen if society collapsed and I was left to fend for myself like in Mad Max. I think about this a lot. It always comes up when I get 401K statements, that's for sure... what are the odds that I'll be living in the same world? hell, at the rate we're going I could put $1,000,000 in there and when I retire it'll only be worth $10 canadian dollars anyway.

but I digress... the world collapses, my 401K is the least of my worries, and I'm out wandering in the desert when I find a small village of survivalists. They ask how I will help them survive. I answer, "Well I've spent the last four years getting a master's in electrical engineering, emphasis in signal processing. If you need anyone to do a fourier transform or explain how to manipulate random variables in a system equation, I'M YOUR GIRL!" They immediately kill me.

the only nice thing about that thought is that picturing my death well into the future keeps me from picturing my death as a result of this horrible life-sucking exam.

In other other news, i've inspired yet another engineer where I work to just get a damn mba. the local business school should be paying me.
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