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lately global warming has been annoying me, because I think it's turning into one of those "them" causes, and it really can't be. a super-great article in Bitch about feel-good philanthropy opened my eyes up to this, I don't remember what issue the article was in but it focused in on the media telling us we can buy a bracelet or a t-shirt or a commemorative ___ that will help the cause... whatever you buy is marked up $10, $3 goes to fund an organization working for change. people feel like they're helping.

I think the world has gotten worse since the article. Target has an entire pink section devoted to fighting breast cancer now. granted, most of us can only do the feel-good stuff when it comes to that cause, it's not like we're going to all go be cancer researchers. maybe that's why America loves the cause so much.

We don't luck out so much on other things, like global warming. "Do you believe in it? I believe in it! We're causing it! I wish They would do something about it!". "They" is, of course, the government, or faceless "big corporations", which we all deny working for and supporting and being part of... I'M not corporate America, corporate America is corporate America.

I think the term "global warming" has made the environmental cause, well, global, implying that us little guys can't do anything about it and we now have the right to yammer on to our friends about how it's just got to stop, but we don't actually have to carpool to work, or boycott packaging, or turn down the damn air conditioner, or buy a smaller house. we can separate ourselves from it and handle it with gloves so we don't get dirty. i'm not saying I don't do it. I'm just saying I think it's backwards.
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