Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

miracles and discretion

A guy at work sent pictures of his newborn daughter to the entire department. We always get "so and so had a baby, here's the name/weight/length/gender" sort of e-mails, and those are nice, but seriously I'd be okay if people left pictures OFF.

Yes, I know it's beautiful, it's life, it's a new beginning, but there are a lot of beautiful life sort of things that I don't need to see photos of. The camera was angled so that you couldn't tell the gender of the baby, but you could tell everything else... she was naked, clearly PISSED OFF, her skin wasn't a normal color, her navel looked like it had been severed from something. This might be totally insensitive of me, but I think the girl deserves a week or two to recover from the clearly traumatic events of last night. Get in a better mood, pick out a decent outfit, look human. THEN send 200 people her photo.

One thing I love about electrical engineering is that it's not gross. I do not see blood, which makes me nauseous and has made me pass out on several occasions. I do not deal with people being messy. Actually I don't deal with anything being messy... if hydraulic fluid is leaking, I call another engineer. And I know life is squeemish, and I'm glad there are people who deal with humanity in all its nastiness, but I am not one of those. I will appreciate things like new life, heart surgery, strange deep sea animals, etc from a distance. It's worked for me so far. Okay?

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