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contents of the drawers in the kitchen

I'm in sort of an abstract mood, so this entry is an illustrated description of the contents of the drawers in my kitchen. there are five drawers.

Kitchen stuff is always interesting for me to think about, because when I first got my own apartment it was intimidating to think of everything needed in a kitchen. I'd go through a store and see a garlic press, and think, "I don't have a garlic press. Should I get one? Wait, no, Mom doesn't even have a garlic press. She just crushes garlic with a large flat knife. But I don't have a large flat knife... should I get one?" there were a million things like that. anyway, that was five years ago, and now I have kitchen drawers with lots of things in them, and i'm pretty satisfied about it.

I'm also writing about this because I have this philosophy that you're not really someone's friend unless you know the layout of their kitchen. you know, you go over, get yourself a glass of water. or you bring a bottle of wine, and know where the corkscrew is so you can just open it. then you're friends. so this is my way of making my livejournal friends more 'real', even though they're just internet people.

1. Flatware & Serving Utensils

Nearly everything in this drawer was a wedding gift. My sister got us the flatware. The old stuff was given away to neighbors who needed it (the guy across the hall had been using and washing one fork for the last six months... don't ask about that one). The organizer was bought with store credit from returned wedding gifts. The serving utensils were from friends of the family. On the right, there's a small container with a wine saver and assorted "picnic" utensils.

2. Medicine & Miscellaneous Products

I really try not to believe in junk drawers, because that would imply that I believe in keeping junk around. I don't. My roommate had about 10 drawers in her kitchen, and was always complaining about the lack of space and drawers, and half of them were junk drawers. she just couldn't go through them and trash little things that had been thrown in there.

that said, the black object in the upper left is the remote control for an air hogs helicopter that we haven't used because we can't find the replacement rotors.

3. Non-Sorted Kitchen Items

I suppose the tape should be moved to another drawer. Seriously, the goal here is to have a spot for the things that just don't fit into drawer organizer compartments.

4. Sorted Kitchen Items

Whisks, spatulas, measuring spoons, and other items that fit nicely into straight compartments. there is a cut off top to a ziplock bag in this photo, which was thrown out while I wrote this livejournal entry... looking at these pictures i keep going back to the drawers to see what things are, because I can't identify it all. so that's weird.

5. Drawer of Danger

We registered for nice knives for the wedding and received exactly one. I think people have a thing about giving knives. Oh well. So we've still got the wal-mart set or whatever we've accumulated. Also in this drawer are parts for the food processor, an egg slicer, a grater. At the bottom of the photo there's a pair of scissors and a cake knife.

And that's what's in the kitchen drawers.
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