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I went ice skating tuesday and am injured! not sure what happened there, I was just skating along all happy and must have hit a groove wrong or something. I'd been going pretty fast. Anyway I went from skating to laying down in the ice somewhat instantly, I don't remember actually falling, and I think every point of the front of me must have hit at the same time because they all hurt. knees, elbows, stomach, hips... did not get to the face plant though! I was wearing gloves, and when I became aware of my situation that was my first thankful thought. then ms a came to see if I was okay. then the ice monitor guy. I got up, tried to catch my breath, and skated it off.

but the rest of it... going fast in circles, you know, that part, it made me miss roller skating. I want to go back. Could have even gone to practice last night, but I'm going to wait until the bruises heal a little, or invest in hip bone pads, like I'm playing football or something. This is the first time I remember my hips being bruised, usually my hips are a running joke, marc saw me bang into something once and it was loud because my hip hit it (pretty normal) and I had to explain to him that my hips are bony but I can hit them as hard as I can and it doesn't hurt. it's not like other parts of your body where there's not much fat covering the bone... shins, elbows, tops of feet. for whatever reason I've got tough hips. so now I have more information on that; they're meant to take all 150 lbs of me slamming to the ground.

the big great point is that I FELL, which is rare, being tall I usually do everything possible to keep from falling, and I recovered, and still like skating. and I didn't cry! I'm tough now!
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