Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,


marc and I FINALLY bought a brand new microwave, it's the first brand new microwave either of us has ever owned in our lives, we bought it with our wedding gift cards and brought it home and immediately microwaved things. It's stainless steel with a big sturdy handle to open the door instead of a stupid little button that'll quit working like on our old one. it doesn't burn popcorn. then, the night we bought it, I went to throw some waffle fries in the oven and was just going to use the microwave timer and found out it doesn't have one. no timer. who would make a microwave with no timer? part of me feels like returning it just to send a message that it's not acceptable.

or I could just buy a $3 timer and set it somewhere. it will be a constant reminder that material goods will only ever let me down.

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