Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

Well it took a week, but I'm now returning wedding gifts without feeling the slightest bit guilty. We started with the obvious ones (what do we need three blenders for?) and have worked our way down until now all sorts of stuff is going. stuff we obviously won't use. stuff we obviously can't store. I ran around and returned some stuff tonight because marc isn't around; he hates returning stuff, everything we've gotten was so exciting to him, he wanted to keep the duplicates, even. I'm the practical one in our relationship.

we are making a definite effort to Do The Right Thing and use the proceeds for wedding-like stuff. We need a new microwave... the one I have was nice, eight years ago at a garage sale the summer before my sophomore year of school. but now the open-door button only works every 12th time and we can't make popcorn. so that's coming up. We're going to buy nice knives, slowly. We bought more silicone bakeware, salad bowls, picture frames. These things make it a lot easier to write thank you notes, reporting back to people that their gifts will be "put to good use", so I don't have to conquer that voice in the back of my head saying, Dear Aunt Margie, Thank you so much for the generous gift! We blew it on drugs and porn.

incidentally, I'm sick of people asking me how married life "is". it reminds me of people who ask you on your birthday how it feels to be another year older. you sort of have to wait a year to know that sort of thing, don't you? so if the goal is to stay married your whole life, shouldn't people ask you halfway through how it's going? give me twenty or thirty years? to me, those people are married. marc and I are just crazy.
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