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I'm sick of writing thank-you notes.

I've written ten.

yesterday went FAST... I spent the morning organizing paperwork, then marc got home and, well, things don't really happen when marc gets home. we're easily distracted by anything/everything. so, we didn't go to the recycle center (again), didn't return the wedding presents we meant to deal with. instead, we went out to lunch. the a's called us an invited us to go over to lay by the pool, and we decided to use a wedding gift card to buy marc a beach towel finally. as soon as we made this important purchasing decision, the sky clouded over and started lighting. target was out of beach towels anyway. whatever. so we just came over anyway, and they made us steaks. we played flux... it's this card game that marc loves because it's good for people with ADHD, fire_hazzard introduced us to it and we couldn't find it ANYWHERE so he just got it for us as part of his wedding present :)

then we went to a bar. it was karaoke night, which I love... something in me has evolved to just adore karaoke. I used to think it was pretty annoying so I'm not sure how it all happened, but I can just sit and watch karaoke forever. Sometimes there are good singers and that's cool, other times it's just good songs and that's cool too, other times it's bad singers doing bad songs but they somehow own it because they love the songs and it comes up entertaining, like last night, some girl did "Ground Control to Major Tom" which you'd think is the worst karaoke song ever, and it was pretty bad, but she did the best version of it that anyone could possibly do. British accent and all, you know? I sang "I Kissed a Girl".

Incidently, on our honeymoon I did "Girl at the Rock Show" at an outdoor karaoke bar on the vegas strip! It was crazy, there were all these guys there from Spain, they sang "Born in the USA" and marc and I made fun of them, but I think they did the song to make fun of us (all of us, I mean, everyone born in the USA) so I'm not sure who won out there.

everybody, I just decided!
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