Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

good for me

as of yesterday I've been healthy, so whatever it was I had earlier this week was fake or something. I dunno, I got some vitamin C and was taking that, maybe it kept it back.

work is slow and boring, but school started. I'm taking embedded systems, which should prove to be a total pain because it's one of those classes where they don't give you a lab credit, but expect you to do lab work. wtf. I'm taking digital signal processing, which looks more fun. the teacher for embedded systems is one I had last semester for video communication... he's nice, but I also counted the minutes until he said, "And if you're interested in this topic I have some papers for you..." because he's always going off on tangents like that. This'll sound horrible, but with ten credits to go, I am interested in graduating. preferably with a B average, but at this point I'll take what I can get.

school will be good for me.

tomorrow I'm going to clean up some things around here, marc has been doing all the cleaning and I feel bad. he got the wedding presents sorted into piles so we could walk through the apartment, he's cleaned the kitchen. I have papers everywhere... junk mail, stuff I want to recycle, and he can pile it up but eventually it'll kill us if I don't organize it. so that's tomorrow. then I swear I'll work on thank you notes from the wedding. helluva party!
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